Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musiс snuffbox with a country scene

    Musiс snuffbox with a country scene

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Frères Nicole

    Silver, brass, steel, canvas, glass; guilloche, casting, gilding, polishing, painting

    11.4 x 9.2 x 40 cm, 860 g

    Scratched on the box welt: “H, ba 1968 9,60”. On the sticker: “93196/13”. On the key grip: “SWISS MADE”, “2.50”. On the movement's mounting plate: “Frères Nicole”, “11556”, On the comb: “F Nicole”, scratched on the cylinder drum "10738”


    Music snuffbox in silver gilded rectangular case with a hinged lid and two keys. A country scene miniature covered with glass and framed with a cast ornament with flowers and leaves is on the lid. The miniature depicts a mountain valley with houses, mountains, a river with a bridge and figures of gesticulating man and woman. The lid inner side and tobacco compartment are mirror-polished. There are inscriptions on the welt. The lateral surface is guilloched, with chased frames. A button for switching tunes is on the left side of the front panel. The music movement on/off button is on the right side panel. An aperture for a spring winding, two screw heads with washers and a barcode sticker are on a bottom guilloche panel that is framed with floral ornament. The music movement for three tunes with the maker's mark and product number consists of a spring motor, a program cylinder with pins and a steel sound comb with 74 steel teeth. One key is with a twisted grip and a cylindrical steel rod with a square cross section aperture, the second one is brass, with a curved grip, two apertures and a rod with a square cross section aperture.