Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Palais Royal style musical inkstand set

    Palais Royal style musical inkstand set


    The 1820-1830s

    Bronze, steel, mother of pearl, brass, ivory; engraving, casting, polishing, gilding, enamel over guilloche

    11.5 х 7.6 х 11.0 cm, 560 g


    Palais Royal style musical inkstand in the form of a barrel, with the hinged lid with 18 finely engraved mother of pearl panels  in the frame of gilt bronze. The barrel rests on the stand of gilt bronze in the form of a lion standing on its paws. From the exterior side the paws are leaning on two ivory handles with steel feathers. The bottom panels are mirror-polished. A pen holder, two cast inkwells with light green enamel side surface, a pin for winding the spring and a pearl button for turning on/off the music movement are under the lid. The inner side of the lid is covered with velvet. The music movement consists of a spring mechanism, a pinned cylinder and steel sound reeds. Circular key grip and rod with a square cross-section.