Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Ring watch with automaton and repeater

    Ring watch with automaton and repeater

    Switzerland, Geneve

    Circa 1810

    Piguet & Capt.

    Gold, diamonds, pearls, steel, enamel, glass; engraving, polishing, gem stones setting

    3.3 х 9.6 х 6.3 cm

    On the lid "Remontez â Gauche Tournez le Éguilles"; below is the scale of the regulator with letters "R" (faster) and "A" (slower)

    Watch inserted in a ring of rose gold with glass, in the form of a rectangular with bevelled corners, framed by half-pearls. A dial is made of steel with overlaid Jacquemarts of two-colored gold with a garland and hammers striking a stylized bell, marking hours and hour quarters. White enamel dial with Roman numerals for hours' indication and steel Breguet hands, with cylinder stroke. Gold pattern in the form of mascaron and acanthus leaves is below. A regulator indicator in the form of a disk with four curved blades decorated with diamonds, imitating visible balance is above the dial. Three semi-pearls of different size are on the expanding part of the rim of variable cross-section (bunch). An engraved ornament, four fixing screws' heads and a sliding lever, a repeater are is on the lateral surface. The watch and automaton movements are covered with the polished gold cap with the inscription, two apertures and a cavity for the lid shift. Winding key on a braid with ornately shaped grip and cylindrical rod with square cross-section.

    This rare ring-watch with automaton and repeater is one of three variants of the famous watch made by Piguet & Capt, and one o the two items with automaton and repeater manufactured in 1810. Five watch-rings with repeater, two watch-rings with automaton are only known ("The Seesaw" in the collection of Sandberg and "The Swing" - in the Patek Philippe Museum).