Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box in the form of grand piano

    Music box in the form of grand piano

    Austria, Vienna

    Circa 1860

    Metal, steel, enamel, brass; engraving, gilding, painted enamel

    8.4 х 17 х 10.6 cm, 766 gr


    Enamelled music box from gilded metal in the form of piano on three conical legs with two flaps, a bracket with two pedals and small jewellery compartment under the piano lid. The painted images of girls feeding birds and polychrome enamel angels with openwork frames are on the flaps surface. An engraved floral ornament is on the inner sides of the lids and on the lateral sides’ surfaces. Image of white and black enamel fingerboard is under the front flap. A scene with a girl and two angels is above it. A music movement, covered with a panel and a compartment for small items, pasted with beige velvet are under the second flap. The music movement is activated with the help of a drive lever when the flap is opened. A pin for the spring winding and three screws are on the bottom panel. A music movement for two tunes with a spring mechanism, a program roller and a steel sound comb, the tunes are switched automatically. A key grip is in the form of two petals and a rod with a square cross section.