Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

French Palais Royale music box and necessaire

    French Palais Royale music box and necessaire


    Circa 1820

    Gilded bronze, mother-of-pearl, cardboard, mirror, fabric, brass, velvet; casting, engraving, chasing, gilding, enamel

    24.5 х 15.7 х 12.3 cm, 1182 g

    On the movement mounting plate: "1788", on the key: "11"


    Necessaire in multifaceted case with hinged top lid and handles in the form of angels holding a flower garland and a basket of flowers; stands on the cast lion paws. The case is decorated by a thin gilded bronze embossed bindings and flat mother-of-pearl inserts. The octagonal lid is decorated by a festoon chased rim. The engraved image of a basket with flowers that is supported by acanthus leaves is in the center of the dome shaped mother-of-pearl panel. A thin engraved floral ornament borders the perimeter. A keyhole, framed with onlay in the form of Amalthea horn  is on the inclined front panel. A keyhole and two music movement control buttons are on the bottom panel. A mirror, framed by a pink textured braid is set on the lid inner side. A clipboard with curly niches in which mother of pearl needlework accessories are stored is under the lid. They are: thimble, tiny awl, needle-case, small glass bottle, stitching bobbins in the form of small stars, etc. - totally 9 items. Rosettes with the images of dark blue flowers are on the scissors and awl. An embroided pincushion is located next to the back side. The clipboard is covered with an embroidered cloth. Music movement with a sound comb and a cylinder for two tunes is mounted inside. The necessaire is closed by a mortice key. The music movement is winded by the other key.