Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

French Palais Royale music box and necessaire

    French Palais Royale music box and necessaire

    Austria, Vienne

    Circa 1890

    Gilded bronze, brass, wood, mirror, leather, steel; casting, engraving, chasing, gilding, oil painting

    19 х 19.4 х 10 cm, 978 gr

    View of Vienna from mountain Galitsinberg


    Necessaire in vertical rectangular case with a pedestal on the cast feet with scrolls. The top side, covered with gray velvet is decorated with openwork chased moulding along the perimeter. The case is separated from the pedestal by a narrow chased gilded moulding. The body and the pedestal are veneered from three sides by panels composed of mother-of-pearl plates of various shapes. The rear side is covered with gray velvet. A door with a lock and a painted view of Vienna from the hill Galitsinberg and a handwritten signature in small oval frame is on the front side. There is an elongated octagonal chased frame with the image of five kids busy with harvesting on the front side of the pedestal. Miniatures are made in the technique of oil painting on mother-of-pearl. The bottom side of the pedestal is closed by a wooden plate with a winding key and a lever for switching the music movement on. A clipboard, covered with sand-colored velvet, with curly niches for the needlework accessories and two mirror inserts are inside the case. Dark-brown leather pocket with the lap is fastened to the inner side of the door. Music movement with a sound comb and a cylinder for one tune.