Pocket Watches

Open faced pocket watch with concelead erotic scene

    Open faced pocket watch with concelead erotic scene

    Switzerland / France

    Circa 1915

    Vacheron & Constantin, Verger Frères

    Gold, steel, glass, blue-finished steel, nickel, enamel; casting, gilding, painted enamel, champlevé enamel, mechanical work

    Diameter 4.6 cm

    On the dial and the movement: “VACHERON & CONSTANTIN”, “GENEVE SWISS”. On the rear lid inner side: mark with letters “VF” in lozenge below an oak and number “9023”; on the movement: “AVANCE FAST”, “RETARD SLOW”, “397719”


    Mechanical pocket watch in round open face case, winding crown, blue button, rim and ornately shaped white enamel trefoil-shaped swivel ring with gold inserts. Detachable rear lid and bezel with geometrical blue and green champleve enamel pattern with gold flowers, leaves and curls. The dial, framed with gold stripe is under the detachable spherical glass cover. The dial is with stylized blue Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions with blue marks five minutes intervals on external ring, two zigzag-shaped blue-finished hands and inscription: “VACHERON & CONSTANTIN / GENEVE SWISS. Small hinged blue enamel lid with curls is in the rear lid center; the painted enamel image of butterfly and nude young woman with transparent veil is hidden under it. Mark “VF” under an oak tree in lozenge and number “9023” are on the rear lid inner side. Nickel-plated watch movement on eighteen jewels, with bimetallic compensation balance with eight controls, lever escapement and concealed erotic scene.