Pocket Watches

Musical pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Musical pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    Circa 2000


    Metal, glass, enamel; mechanical work, engraving, painted enamel, gilding, silvering

    Diameter 5.7 cm

    Inscription on the case: “Reuge a Saint Croix”; number “5222”


    Mechanical open face pocket watch in gilded circular case with fluted rim, smooth bezel and engraved rear lid. Images of musical instruments – bagpipes, mandolin, Pan flute and tambourine against the background of laurel branches and beams of rays are stamped on the rear lid. Foliage ornament with volutes is around the circumference. Smooth oval pendant ring is hinged on the conical corrugated column support. Fluted head of alarm adjusting is to the column left side. The dial shield with painted enamel rural landscape, an automaton and small round dial shifted below the crown is under the convex glass with thin smooth bezel. The scale of minutes’ divisions and black Roman numerals for hours’ designation are on white enamel dial in gold rim. Breguet style gold hour and minute hands are straight and central. The central alarm clock hand is black and spear-shaped. The automaton made from metal with colored gilding, features the scene near a water standpipe. A girl presses water standpipe lever with her right hand. An equestrian holding a falcon in his left hand is to the left-hand side. Two dogs and basket with fruits are below. The automaton and musical movement with cylinder and sound comb are activated with the button in the cuvette aperture. The girl right hand comes into motion, flowing of water from the standpipe is imitated, the rider raises and descends his hand with the falcon, the horse drinks water from the paddle near the standpipes. The watch movement and hands adjustment are realised by the crown rotation. The watch is stored in the case pasted with blue suede with latch and velvet lodgement. The winding key with the grip in the form of a golden lyre with swivel and ratchet is in the set.