Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton


    Early 19th century

    Multicolored gold, silver, glass, enamel, metal; mechanical work, painted enamel, glazed enamel, engraving, chasing

    Diameter 5,8 cm


    On the rear lid inner side: “AIP2781R18/168” (letter “P” and number “1” are inverted); scratched numbers and marks (pawnshop?); French gold alloy marks are on repeater knob, pendant ring and case rim

    Mechanical open-face pocket watch in round gold case with fluted rim and smooth polished rear lid. The automaton under glass cover and with smooth bezel is on the watch front side. Circular white enamel dial with minutes’ divisions around the circumference, Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and two central Breguet style hands is in the centre of blue enamel dial shield. Winding key pin is near the five o’clock mark. Chiselled onlays - Jacquemarts made of multicolored gold are the dial sides. Two bells hanging on flower garland and narrow vase are on the top. The figure of a fowler with a bird in his hands is below among the flowers. Jacquemarts - the figures in ancient clothes, with hammers in their hands, a male is on the left side, a female is on the right side. The man holds a lyre in his right hand. The automaton and the repeater are activated by pressing the pendant with ball and smooth ring, chime sounds, the Jacquemarts’ hands start moving and the hammers strike upon the bells. The sliding lever for stopping the chime is on the case lateral. Chime and repeating are performed by striking of two hammers on two bells. The watch movement with verge escapement, openwork engraved balance cock with ruby support and silver scale of escapement control is mounted between two solid gilded plates is covered by smooth unmarked gilded cuvette.