Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with automaton

    Pocket watch with automaton

    Circa 1810

    Gold, metal, glass, enamel, painted enamel; mechanical work, chasing, engraving, guilloche

    Diameter 5.2 cm

    Inscription on the rim: «160 3694». On the case inner side in rectangular frame: “FVJ”, “80”, “K18”, “FF”


    Mechanical open face pocket watch in gold round case with fluted rim hinged glazed front lid with smooth wide bezel and solid guilloched monogrammed rear side. Ornately shaped pendant ring is hinged on spherical knob. Painted enamel image of the Eden Garden with various animals is on the dial surface. Small white dial with minutes’ divisions, Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and two central gold hands is below the center. An aperture with square pin for winding key is near three o’clock mark. The automaton in the form of round glazed window, with visible enamel image of Eve offering an apple to Adam, is above the center. Gilded snake wriggles all-round the scene while the watch daily rate. The watch rear side is adorned with a pattern formed by several types of guilloche- the main field is covered with “grains d’orge”, except the narrow sector that is covered with ”radiant vagues”. Circular protruding medallion below is ornamented with zigzag with smooth shield that is engraved with the monogram “BM”. The watch movement with cylinder escapement, fusee and open work engraved balance cock is hinged entirely. Marks and alloy are on the case inner polished surface.