Pocket Watches

Musical pocket watch with quarter strike and repeater

    Musical pocket watch with quarter strike and repeater


    Circa 1835

    Gold, steel, brass, enamel; engraving, gilding mechanical work

    Diameter 6.3 cm

    On cuvette: “Musique”; on rear lid inner surface: “18k”; on cuvette external side: “Remontez à Droite”; on balance cock: Latin letters “R A”


    Open face mechanical pocket watch in gold engraved case. The image of lyre is engraved on the rear lid center on repoussed field and surrounded with engraved foliage ornament with oval medallions and volutes. The hinged lid with convex faceted glass closes white enamel dial with two central Breguet style hands, minutes’ scale and Arabic numerals for hours’ designation. Smooth round pendant ring is hinged on the repeater shaft round engraved button. Shaft of activating the music as desired comes from under the bezel, near the two o’clock mark; the lever for turning the strike off is next to it. Gold alloy “18K” is engraved on the rear lid polished inner side. The image of the clock hand is near winding holes on cuvette, explanatory inscription is near the hands adjustment and the watch mechanism pins, the image of musical instruments near the pin for winding the musical movement. The lever for blocking the musical movement protrudes from under the cuvette. Musical movement with steel lamellas and pinned disc with pins on both sides plays every hour or as desired. Gilded, watch mechanism adorned with engraving, has cylindrical escapement, simple three-spoke balance with flat spring and clockwork control. Two hummers on two gongs perform strike and quarter repeating. The hands’ adjustment, watch and musical movement springs are key winded.