Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with minute repeater and quarter Westminster chime

    Mechanical pocket watch with minute repeater and quarter Westminster chime

    Switzerland, Le Locle

    Circa 1925

    Paul Buhre firm, Heyworth Watch Co. trading house

    Gold, steel, glass, blued steel; casting, polishing, mechanical work

    Diameter 5.5 cm

    On the dial: “PaulBuhré”; on cuvette external side and movement balance cocks: “HeyworthWatchCo”; on rear lid inner side and on both sides of cuvette: “3843”, marks “0,750” and “18K”; Swiss mark “Helvetia” with letter L (Le Locle), British import marks of 1925, marks “W.H.S”, “HBB” British marks on pendant


    Mechanical hunter case pocket watch in round gold polished case. Stem-winder with corrugated winding and hands’ adjusting crown, front lid opening knob and smooth oval pendant ring is fixed next to three o’clock mark. The front and rear lids and cuvette are polished. External chapter ring with minutes’ graduation with black Arabic numerals for hours’ designation is located is on gilded yellow clock shield, covered with convex glass. Small dial with seconds’ divisions and Arabic numerals of ten seconds intervals is near six o’clock mark. The Breguet style central hours’, minutes’ hands and straight seconds’ hand are blue-finished. The repeater activating lever is fixed on the case lateral surface between four and seven o’clock marks. The watch mechanism is mounted under smooth cuvette. The mechanism is on balance cocks with rubies, lever escapement, compensated by the split bimetallic balance and minute Westminster chime of four hummers on four gongs. The case covered with black leather, with silk lodgement is in the set