Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with automaton

    Pocket watch with automaton


    Circa 1820

    Ferdinand Berthoud

    Gold, multicolored gold, metal, glass, enamel; glazed enamel, gilding, engraving, chasing

    Diameter 54 mm

    On the lids’ inner sides: “3418”, “96”, “2796”, “AE”, “PAUL JEANNOT GENEVE 18K”, Swiss gold alloys. On cuvette: “No.2796“, “A.DUROMUNN MEXICO“,“ AUTOMATE“, “RÉPÉTITION A MINUTES ECHAPPEMENT A ANCRE LIGNE DROITE LEVÉES VISIBLES SPIRAL PALLADIUM BREGUET“,“Nickel Double Plateau“,“31 RUBINS FINS“,“ Balancier Compensateur“. On cuvette “3418”, “К18”, “2796”. Scratched: “5057”, “340”, “5068”


    Open face mechanical pocket watch, in gold round case, with fluted rim and guilloched rear lid. Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in fifteen minutes’ divisions are on white enamel clock dial. Black Roman numerals designate hours. Gold hour and minute hands with openwork pointers are central and straight. Apertures with pins for winding the clock escapement and automaton movement are near one and six o’clock marks on the clock field. Convex glass with smooth bezel opens as cover. Smooth embossed oval pendant ring with crossbar is hinged on the repeater rod cylindrical button. The automaton activating lever is on the rim near seven o’clock mark. The automaton is mounted on the watch rear side under the glass cover with bezel, decorated with geometrical pattern. The automaton features a scene of working at cooper yard. The background The painted riverscape is the scene background. Two figurines of craftsmen are busy making barrels. One of them planes, the other one staffs rings on the barrel, the water standpipe is to the right of them. When the automaton is switched on, the hands of the men start moving; water begins to flow from the standpipe that is imitated by a strip of shiny foil.