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Quarter repeating automaton and Jacquemarts

    Quarter repeating automaton and Jacquemarts

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1790

    Pierre Danel et frères á Genève

    Gold, pearls, steel, brass, glass; engraving, chasing, painted enamel, champlevé enamel

    Diameter 6.6 cm, 216 gr

    On the movement lid: “Pre Danel & Fres á Geneve 1607”


    Frosted gilt-finished movement with verge escapement, plain three-arm brass balance, pierced and engraved cock, turned cylindrical pillars, quarter repeater on a bell, hinged and engraved dustcover, the finely painted polychrome enamel dial depicting a workman’s yard beside a tranquil river and country scene, the finely chased three- coloured gold automaton scene featuring two men at work, the automaton activating the movements of each of their arms, both men beside a large furnace drum with realistically coloured glass moving to depict flickering flames, to the right an automated water pump, the whole scene surmounted by two cherub Jacquemarts realistically striking the bells once the repeating mechanism is activated, to the center small white dial depicting the time, in gold case with pierced and decorative band, the reverse with a finely painted scene of a women resting peacefully in classical dress beside a hovering cherub and garlands, set within a scalloped-style decoration set with seed pearls and engraved and enamel swags, quarter repeating mechanism operated by depressing the pendant, with gilt metal and glazed pierced and engraved outer case, cuvette signed. Pierre-Isaac Danel, watchmaker, was active in Geneva in the last half of the 18th century.