Pocket Watches

Half skeletonized quarter-repeating watch with automaton Jaquemarts

    Half skeletonized quarter-repeating watch with automaton Jaquemarts

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1815

    Chaudoir Louis Frederic Guillaume

    Gold, steel, brass; engraving, chasing, gilding

    On the inner lid welt: "Chaudoir A Geneve 49466", on the ring of the dial "Chaudoir", on the escapement scale indicator: "R" and "A"


    Four-body, engine-turned with twisted band pocket watch. Glazed cuvette. White enamel chapter ring with Breguet numerals and external minutes' divisions. Gilt Louis hands. “Martin-Martine” type multicoloured chased gold Jacks, on each side of the dial over the polished steel repeating work set over the frosted and gilt chased front plate, appearing to strike the hours and quarters on two bells. Engraved gilt brass full plate with cylindrical pillars, fusee with chain, verge escapement, plain brass three arm balance, flat balance-spring, brushed steel cock, repeating on two gongs by pressing the pendant. Cuvette and dial signed.
    Louis Frederic Guillaume Chaudoir was a watchmaker and merchant recorded as working in Geneva. Known for his repeating watches, skeleton watches, alarms, Jacquemarts, and erotic automata. He was associated with Alexandre Patry from 1791-1795. Dictionnaire des horlogers genevois, by Osvaldo Patrizzi, Antiquorum Editions, 1998.