Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Switzerland, Genevа

    Circa 1820

    Louis Robert

    Metal, glass, enamel; engraving, casting, mechanical work, gilding, glazed enamel, chasing

    Diameter 5.4 cm

    On rear lid inner side: “45660/7451”, on cuvette: “LouisRobert à Genève/No7451”


    Open-face mechanical pocket watch in round silver case with smooth rim and guilloched rear lid. Automaton under the glass cover with bezel, decorated with mesh engraving is mounted on the watch front side. Round white enamel dial is in blue color enamel dial field center. The dial is with minutes’ divisions along the edge, Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and two central gold openwork hands. The dial is surrounded by chiselled onlay automaton elements - Jacquemarts on the sides, two bells hanging from flower garland at the top and the figure of a lion among the plants below. Jacquemarts – male figure on the right, and female - on the left side, dressed in antique clothes, with hammers in their hands. A pedestal with small figure of a trumpeter is to the left of the female figure. The automaton and repeater are activated by pressing the pendant with the ball and smooth ring. The hands of Jacquemarts start moving and the hammers strike bells. Two hummers on two gongs perform the strike and repeating. The sliding lever for stopping the strike is on the case lateral side next to two o’clock mark. A winding hole with pointer is in the gilded cuvette.