Pocket Watches

Pocket watch chronograph with quarter repeater, alarm and calendar

    Pocket watch chronograph with quarter repeater, alarm and calendar

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Circa 1793

    Peter Nordsteen

    Steel, brass, silver, rubies; niello, engraving, gilding, mechanical work

    Diameter 12.3 cm

    On the rear mounting plate: “PrNordsteén à Moscou/No881”


    Pocket open-face mechanical clock in round silver case with hinged front lid, with spherical facet glass framed in wide engraved bezel with acoustic apertures in the ornament. Silver dial consists of four circular concentric scales with four central gilded hands of different types – minute hand, weekday hand, hour and alarm ones. The external minute scale is formed by Arabic numerals on smooth oval platforms, separated by the numerals the mark five-minute units. The circular calendar scale is closer to the centre with Arabic numerals for the days of month – from 1 to 31. The hour scale comes next – with Roman numerals separated by niello intervals. The alarm clock scale is the nearest to the central chapter ring, with Arabic numerals for hours’ and quarter-hour designation. The inner circle is decorated with two types of engraved foliage ornament. Smooth oval-shaped ring with a crossbar is hinged to the pendant flat round head. The rear lid is adorned with four cartouches with engraved images of mascarons, surrounded by foliage elements and volutes, separated by openwork lattices. Engraved turntable disc with two key holes, which opens when the dial is turned, is in the central part. The alarm adjusting button is near the three o’clock mark on the rear lid, the repeater activating cord with miniature skull is near the six o’clock mark. The clock movement with verge escapement, simple three-spoke balance, fusée and silver escapement adjustment disc, is mounted on two solid mounting plates. The movement has cylinder escapement and simple three-spoke balance with flat spring. The strike and quarter repeating are performed with hammers on two gongs. The hands adjustment, movement spring motor and escapement control are key winded. Winding key and pasted over with green leather and velvet case are in the set.