Pocket Watches

Musical open faced pocket watch with central seconds' hand

    Musical open faced pocket watch with central seconds' hand


    Circa 1820

    Gold, steel, brass, blued steel, enamel; casting, polishing, painted enamel; mechanical work, engraving

    Diameter 6 cm

    On rear lid inner side in oval: “4172”, “AL”; balance spring scale and letters on the movement: “S”, “F”. On the nameplate: “Musical watch / Swiss, circa 1820”. On the squeeze on the case lid: “JEWELLERS BY APPOINTMEN / TO HER MAJESTRY THE QUEEN / COLLINGWOOD (JEWELLERS) LTD / 46, CONDUIT ST., W.”


    Mechanical pocket watch in round open face case, with two lids, with rim, pendant and bezel adored with polychrome enamel pattern. Spherical glass lid and the case rear lid are decorated with a chain of semi-pearls along the periphery. Painted enamel image of basket with flowers is on the rear lid. White enamel dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ and seconds’ divisions on the external chapter ring, with Arabic numerals for designation of the intervals of fifteen divisions and three blued hands. The seconds’ chapter ring is graduated within the accuracy of a second fifth part. The lever for switching the musical movement on/off is on the rim. Three apertures with pins for winding the watch, the musical movement and hands’ adjustment are on cuvette with the image of painted enamel flowers and leaves on the turquoise field. The cuvette inner surface is polished. The mark “AL” and number “4172” are on the rear lid inner side. The movement balance cock is engraved with openwork ornament featuring leaves, flowers and animals. The watch mechanism is with brass three-spoke balance, cylinder escapement, central second hand and spring motor. Sur-plateau musical movement with fusee and spring gear. The watch is stored in the case with convex lid, covered with black leather, with button. A stamp squeeze is on the cover inner side; the plate with inscriptions is on the base inner side.