Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1820

    Piguet & Meylan

    Multicolored gold, metal, glass, pearls; mechanical work, painted enamel, champleve enamel

    Diameter 38.4 mm

    On the case: “No.282”


    Mechanical open face pocket watch in circular gold case with two transparent lids, repeater pressing spindle with cylindrical button, adorned with pearls’ halves and ornately shaped pendant ring, covered with transparent green enamel. The case lateral surface is decorated with two rows of pearls’ halves. Bezels are ornamented with larger pearls on both sides. Clock field, covered with blue enamel over engraving is under glass on the front side, with small white enamel dial shifted to the repeater on in. The dial with two central pointed blued hands, minutes’ divisions and black Arabic numerals for hours’ designation. Onlay elements made from silver and multicolored gold are below the dial. The automaton scene features a dog, barking at the cat standing in front of it. Automaton is activated simultaneously with the repeater by pressing the spindle button, the dog “barks”, its head comes starts moving. Miniature device with bellows and whistle imitates the sound of barking. The sound comes out through the aperture with opening shutter at the case bottom. A composition, featuring musical instruments, surrounded by engraved branches and flowers on blue field is on cuvette external side The composition is made in champlevé enamel technique. The timpani standing on blue podium with scallops are below. Winding holes are in the cuvette. An arched hand and two hands near the aperture for the hands adjustment are next to the aperture for winding the movement. The watch movement with cylinder escapement and three-spoke balance is mounted between two solid gilded plates.