Pocket Watches

Quarters striking pocket watch with automaton

    Quarters striking pocket watch with automaton

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1820

    Ls. Duchêne & Fils

    Gold, steel, brass, glass; engraving, chasing, painted enamel

    Diameter 5.4 cm, 108 gr

    On the dial: "Ls. Duchêne & Fils"; "58070"; on the pendant head: "01"


    Gilt-finished key wound two-train movement, verge escapement, chain fusée, white enamel dial, Breguet numerals, the applied multi-colour gold scene with three automatons to the reverse depicting a cooper's workshop, one cooper planning a stave while the second is hammering onto a barrel, a fountain with realistically running water to the right, all over a painted polychrome enamel scene depicting the inside of the cooper's workshop, a lakeside scene in the background, circular case, automaton start/stop lever in the band, dial signed, pendant numbered.