Pocket Watches

Сarillon minute repeating keyless lever watch

    Сarillon minute repeating keyless lever watch


    Circa 1900

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; guilloche enamel, champlevé, engraving

    5.6 x 1.4 cm

    All lids are marked, "18K", "111049". On the case and movement lids, and the remontoir: "Helvetia". The movement is inscribed: "BREGET 1194". The movement's lid is engraved: "No 111049 Minute Repeatere With Bell Ringing Westminster four Hammer Lever Vesible Paletts Breguet Hairsping Compensated Balance 32 Rubies Specially made for H.W. Bernstein & Co Bombay & Paris Luiss made"


    The watch was made by a special order for the Indian nobility. Watch with 32 jewels, with pierced bimetallic balance wheel with screws, spring-powered anchor escapement, minute repeater on four gongs playing the Westminster-like carillon, with remontoir. A sliding lever is launching the repeater.

    Westminister carillon reproduces the chimes of the world famous tower clock of the Houses of Parliament in London (the Big Ben chimes).