Pocket Watches

Quarter repeating pocket watch with music movement

    Quarter repeating pocket watch with music movement

    Western Europe

    First quarter of the 19th century

    Gold, steel, brass, glass; engraving, chasing, enamel, gilding

    Diameter 5.5 cm, 130.4 gr

    On the rear lid internal side: "2109", "OPG", "10197", "К18"


    Quarter repeating skeleton pocket watch with verge escapement and automaton in round golden case. The case rim is cross corrugated. The automaton, white enamel chapter ringl with black Arabic numerals, minute divisions and two dark-blue hands are on the dial field under the spherical glass lid. The clock wheel is inside the dial. There are two Jacquemarts - figures of a man and a woman in antique clothes with hammers. They are standing on the dial lateral sides and clanging silver bells that are hanging on fixing rack with curls. The figures and flowers, leaves and birds surrounding them are of multicoloured gold. The automaton is switched on by pressing a pendant rod. The repeater is activated by sliding lever on the case rim. Another lever pushes back metal curtain in the lower part of the dial field, behind which the automaton with frivolous scene is hidden. The rear lid is hinged. The internal thin convex metal lid with keyhole and engraved arrow indicating the direction of the key rotation is beneath it. Gilded smooth movement mounting plate with openwork chased round three-spokes Balance Bridge and white metal disc with the scale and escapement lever indicator are under the lid. Spiral repeating gongs are located around the movement. The external side of the rear cover is smooth.