Pocket Watches

Gilt metal musical watch with enamel automaton scene

    Gilt metal musical watch with enamel automaton scene

    Austria, Vienna

    Circa 1820

    Metal, steel, glass, enamel; engraving, guilloche, painted enamel, gilding

    Diameter 56.5 cm, 136 gr

    Marks on the lid inner side, crown and chapter ring: letters in rectangle "AB"; “A 4" with the figure between them - in octagon


    Gilt metal musical watch with enamel automaton scene in gold-plated case with three lids and a key. A dial is closed with convex glass lid. The watch interior and automaton is painted in polychrome enamel in the form of onlay-gilded figures of musicians with instruments and a drawing boy. The automaton operation is accompanied by a melody. White enamel dial with hours and minutes’ designation by Arabic numerals, with two ornately shaped hands is above. Polished oval medallion is on the guilloche case lid. Marks are on its inner side. The activating lever of the automaton is on the case rim on the lid that covers the clock movement. Matte surface with three apertures for winding the watch, automaton and hands setting with the engraved images of arrows showing the direction of the key rotation. The watch movement is balance, with cylinder strike, spring mechanism, escapement regulator with the hand and engraved scale. The marks are on the crown and chapter ring. Key is in the form of a mace with polyhedral head, conical neck and rod with square cross-section.