Pocket Watches

Presentation pocket chronograph with calendar, moon phase indicator, minute repeater, in the branded box

    Presentation pocket chronograph with calendar, moon phase indicator, minute repeater, in the branded box

    Switzerland, Russian Empire, Genève, Saint-Petersburg

    Early 20th century

    Paul Buhre firm

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloy; champlevé enamel, engraving

    5.5 .x 1.0 cm

    MMarks on the upper lid, case lids and movement: "Helvetia", "18K", "58752". On the chatelaine: maker's mark "MD", St. Petersburg city mark with alloy number "56"; tee of the Leningrad district Assay office with alloy "583" after 1927; "ЛЮЗ", "P"


    The prize-watch, dedicated to the 3rd International Automobile Fair held at the Manezh of the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg on May 15-27, 1910. The fair was commercially successful, 50 automobiles were sold. Most likely, this watch was a gift from the Russian Emperor to one of the fair participants.

    Pocket mechanical watch in round smooth gold case, with three lids, winding crown with ring, time-interval recorder pusher and repeater release lever (on the case).

    The polychrome image of two-headed eagle below three crowns with fluttering ribbon of St. Andrew the First-Called order, holding in his paws disk with abbreviation in Cyrillic script "ИАОР" (the emblem of the Imperial Russian Automobile Society) realized in champlevé enamel technique is on the upper lid. The image is complemented by rose cut diamond inserts. The case lid with enamel image of a car with driver and two women passengers and subscription in Cyrillic –"III МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ АВТОМОБИЛЬНАЯ ВЫСТАВКА" (The third international automobile fair). The Cyrillic inscription "Павелъ Буре поставщикъ Двора Его Величества No. 58752" (Paul Buhre, supplier of his the Imperial Court supplier, No. 58752) is on cuvette. White enamel dial; the marks of the hours’ scale are black, the hands are from gold (hours’, minutes’, seconds’) and from blued steel (hands of small dials indicating numbers, days of the week and the minutes’ scale of the timer). Three scales are on the dial: minutes’ scale is divided into 60 partitions with Arabic numerals, seconds divided into the fifth of a second; hours divided into 12 partitions with Arabic, the so-called “Breguet numerals”. Small dials show seconds with moon phase, dates, days of the week and timer seconds’ scale. The numbers are Arabic, the names of the week days are abbreviated French.

    The movement with 36 jewels, pierced bimetallic balance wheel with screws, spring-powered lever escapement, single-hand single-action timer, minute repeater, Remontoir (watch winding device).

    The watch has gold chatelaine to be pinned on the breast. Enclosed in the branded wooded box "Павел Буре" (Pavel Buhre) with Cyrillic inscriptions and image of two-headed eagle inside. The box and chatelaine are in the set.