Pocket Watches

Mechanical quarter repeating pocket watch with automaton

    Mechanical quarter repeating pocket watch with automaton

    Switzerland, Geneve

    Сirca 1820

    Esquivillon & Dechoudens Francois

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; painting, chasing, guilloche, polishing, mechanical work

    5.5 x 1.5 cm

    On the case lid: "25197"


    Pocket mechanical watch in round gold guilloche case, with two lids - The case lid decorated with guilloche and smooth movement lid, with lever of the quarter repeater trigger control in the form of a bolster with ring, complemented by figurines of Jacquemarts on the dial.

    Enamel dial with steel plate in the centre with embossed onlay details from multi-color gold featuring a smithy. The composition is comprised from appliqué details with the image of wall (or bridge) with arch span.

    Putti figurines are on both sides of the flowerpot on the wall upper part. The figures of a blacksmith at his apprentice, wakening fire in smelting forge are in the arched span in the lower part. When the repeater is released, e putties hands start moving. They strike the bells, and the blacksmith hammers the anvil, his assistant starts to awaken the flame in the hearth. Sliding lever that stops the repeater is on the case, opposite to the numeral 10. White enamel dial with two scales - minutes’ one, divided in 60 partitions and hours’ scale, divided into 12 partitions with Arabic numerals. Hours’ scale marks are black, “Breguet” hands from blue-finished steel. The movement with balance wheel, verge escapement, spring with fusee, a quarter repeater on gongs, with key-winded movement and key-adjusted hands.