Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton



    Bautte & Moynier

    Multicolour gold, metal, glass, enamel, blue-finished steel, brass; engraving, painted enamel, mechanical work, polishing, gilding

    Diameter 4.5 cm

    Mark on the rear lid: “MTL”; mark on the rear lid inner side: “18 K”, “BM” in rectangle, “BC” in lozenge and number “6075”, scratched “RW 03100”. On cuvette: “6075”. On the movement: “F”, “S”


    Mechanical pocket watch in round open face golden case, with guilloched rear lid with letters ”MTL” on round polished medallion, embossed pendant and corrugated ring. The automaton activating lever is on the rim with embossed ornament. The dial shield in the bezel with inclined corrugation featuring mountain landscape with waterfall, windmill, rocks and polychrome enamel rose bush, surrounded by goldish color geometric ornament belt with onlay goldish automaton details - waterfall and windmill wing sails to the left; flowers, trees and water mill wheel to the right, is under spherical glass cover. Gold guilloched dial with radial Roman numerals for hours’ designation, with dots for minutes’ marks and three hands of blue-finished steel is below. Chiselled flower ornament is in the dial center. Three apertures with rods for winding the watch, the automaton and hands’ adjusting with number “6075” are in the cuvette. Marks are on the rear lid inner side - “18K”, “BM” in the rectangle, “BC” in lozenge and number “6075”. The watch movement with three-spoke balance with the escapement adjustment scale, cylindrical escapement, quarter repeater, the automaton and spring motor. When the automaton is activated the wind mill wings and the water mill wheel rotate.