Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with minute repeating and Westminster chiming

    Pocket watch with minute repeating and Westminster chiming


    Circa 1810

    Gold, metal, glass, enamel, brass, blue-finished steel; engraving, gilding, painted enamel, mechanical work

    Diameter 5.65 cm

    Marks on the rear lid inner side: “64”, “K18”, “P&S” and number “2248”. On cuvette: “Remonte a Gauche” (wind to the left). On the movement: “Advance”, “Retard”


    Pocket mechanical watch in gold round open-face case with two lids, polished rear lid, pendant and ring. The lever for switching the automaton on/off is on corrugated rim. Dial shield framed with strip with goldish geometrical ornament, with volumetric polychrome enamel composition, divided in two parts by the strip with ornament in the form of flowers entwined with leafy ribbon into is under the spherical glass cover. A balustrade, two columns, lambrequins and white enamel dial are below. The dial with Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions on the external rim and two blue-finished hands. Vase with flowers against blue enamel textured wall with arch in the upper part to the left. Automaton – the figure of Jacquemart with the hammer in his hands is concealed behind it. When the movement is activated Jacquemart’s hand moves closer to the bell and strikes upon the hammer. Goldish branch and cartouche with large silver bell on orange background, two small bells on both sides and two pigeons (doves) are on the left side. Winding hole with the inscription “Remote a Gauche” is on the cuvette. Marks on the rear lid inner side “64”’ “K18”, “P&S” and number “2248”. The watch movement with open work engraved ring shaped balance support, cylinder escapement and spring tension adjustment scale, the automaton silvered scale adjustment via the fusee chain, quarter repeater on two gongs and spring motor. The watch with rare type of automaton-Jacquemart, appearing from hiding place to strike upon the bell with hammer