Pocket Watches

Musical pocket watch with quarter repeating and key

    Musical pocket watch with quarter repeating and key

    Switzerland, Neuchatel

    Early 19th century

    Perrin Frères

    Rose gold, glass, steel, brass, blue-finished steel, enamel; engraving, casting, polishing, guilloche, mechanical work

    Diameter 5.8 cm

    On the dial: “Perrin Freres”; on rear lid inner side: “C&LL”, “K18”, “9105”, on cuvette “Perrin Freres”, “Remonte”, “a Gauche”, on the movement: “V”, “L”; on the key “8”


    Mechanical pocket watch in round open face case, with two lids, with polished pendant and ring. The rear lid is guilloched; the case rim has lateral corrugation. White enamel dial with Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions on the external rim, two goldish color hands and inscription “Perrin Freres” is under the spherical glass cover. The lever for switching the musical movement on/off is on the rim, the lever for stopping the strike is on the bezel. Two apertures with rods for winding the watch and the music movement with the engraved images of hand, musical instruments with inscriptions “Perrin Freres”, “Remonte” and “a Gauche” are on the cuvette matte surface. Marks and number “9105” are on the rear lid inner side. The watch movement with three-spoke balance, engraved foliage ornament, recoil spring adjustment, blue-finished screws, cylindrical escapement, quarter repeater upon two gongs and spring motor. The musical movement with pinned cylinder, sound comb and spring escapement is activated every hour or as desired. The key is in the set.