Pocket Watches

Pocket open face watch with automaton

    Pocket open face watch with automaton


    Circa 1820

    Multicolour gold, glass, metal, silver, blued steel; engraving, gilding, painted enamel, mechanical work

    Diameter 5.6 cm

    Mark on the rear lid inner side: “CL” with crown above, star below and number “6407”; on cuvette: “Remonte a doite” (winded to the right), the images of hands on two stickers; “Tournez les aiguilles” (rotate the hands)


    Mechanical pocket watch in round open face case, with two lids, polished rear lid, rim, bezel and ring. The dial shield, framed with blue enamel strip with goldish geometrical ornament, with polychrome enamel image of rural landscape and black smithy with three multicolored gold Putties with arrows, birds and flowers in the foreground is under the spherical glass cover. The left Putti with movable hand and leg sharpens the arrow by pressing a tool-grinding machine, the Putti that stands in the center with hammer in his movable hand forges an arrow on anvil, the Putti with movable hand that stands on the right side – pump the bellows, forcing air into the hotted up furnace. White enamel dial with Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation every fifteenth division on the external rim and blue-finished hands is in the upper part. The lever for activating the automaton is on the bezel. Mark on the rear lid inner side: “CL” with crown above, star below and number “6407”.

    The watch movement with three-spoke balance, cylindrical escapement with engraved balance cocks, the automaton and spring motor. When the automaton is activated, all Putties move their hands, the left one moves his leg as well, and the grinding wheel rotates. The watch was intended for the Chinese market.