Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton

    Pocket watch with quarter repeater and automaton


    Circa 1890

    Gold, metal, glass, silver; casting, glazed enamel, gilding, enamel, mechanical work

    Diameter 5.2 cm

    Marks on the rear lid inner side: “AW/CO/B/27754”, “K18”


    Mechanical pocket watch in round open face case, with two lids, winding hole and polished ring. Mascaron –shaped embossed ornament surrounded with leaves and curls framed by the chain of peas. The case rim with inclined corrugation. Blue enamel dial shield with specks, with onlay pattern ornament in the form of bells with wreath and acanthus leaves, garlands and multicolour gold figurines: girls are on the left, young men, Jacquemarts with hammers in movable hands are on the right, is under the spherical glass cover. White enamel dial with blue Arabic numerals for hours’ designation with red number “12” for twelve o’clock mark, goldish minutes ’divisions on the external ring, two ornately shaped goldish color hands, is in the shield center. The lever for activating the repeater and automaton – Jacquemarts, imitating hammers’ striking upon bells is on the rim. Erotic scene of later origin is on the cuvette. Marks on rear lid inner side: “AW/CO/B/27754”, “K18”. Nickel-plated watch movement with quarter repeater on two steel gongs, two automata and spring motor.