Pocket Watches

Minute repeating pocket watch with Grande and Petite Sonnerie chiming

    Minute repeating pocket watch with Grande and Petite Sonnerie chiming

    Switzerland, Le Locle

    Circa 1890

    Henri Sandoz

    Rose gold, blue-finished silver, steel, blue-finished steel, enamel; nickel plating, gilding, niello, mechanical work, engraving

    Diameter 6.1 cm

    On the dial: “Henry Sandoz / Locle”, on the lids and cuvette inner sides: “0,900”, “HHH”, “1314”, mark “lion standing left”, mark and inscriptions on the bezel: “GRANDE SONNERIE”, “PETITE SONNERIE”, “SILENCE”; on the movement: “A”, “R”


    Mechanical pocket watch in round hunter blue-finished silver case, with gilded winding crown and button, with ring. Shield-shaped insert from rose gold is on the front lid. White enamel dial with radial Roman numerals for hours’ designation, two blue-finished steel hands and inscription “Henry Sandoz /Locle” is visible under the glass cover. Small dial with seconds’ designation with Arabic numerals in ten divisions and a hand is below. The lever for the hands adjustment is on the rim. Two levers are on the bezel: one for choosing the chime type with the inscriptions: “GRANDE SONNERIE”, “PETITE SONNERIE”, the other one - for stopping the chime with the inscription: “SILENCE”. Silver Swiss alloys and number are on the cuvette lids inner side. Nickel-plated watch movement with bimetallic compensation balance, micrometric control, minute repeater and Grand/Petite Sonnerie chime on two gongs, lever escapement and two spring motors.