Pocket Watches

Musical pocket watch with repeater

    Musical pocket watch with repeater

    France, Geneva

    Early 19th century

    Chapuis & Barriel

    Silver, steel, blue-finished steel, glass, enamel; engraving, mechanical work

    Height 8.6 cm

    On the pinned cylinder surface: “Chapuis & Borel, feat a` Genéve”. On cuvette: “Montre/Musique”


    Mechanical open face pocket watch in round silver case, with smooth rim and bezel with chiselled image of the Medieval battle scene against fortress background. White enamel dial with the minutes’ divisions scale, black Arabic numerals for hours’ designation inside the scale, adjusting screw crown is below the twelve o’clock mark. Hour and minute hands are gold and central. The Breguet-style hour hand. Smooth oval pendant ring is fixed on the repeater rod cylindrical button. Sliding lever for switching the music on as desired is on the rim, near five o’clock mark. The images of arched hands –the rotating direction indicators and explanatory captions are on cuvette near winding holes. Gilded musical movement is covered with the shield, adorned with engraved ornament; it is comprised of pinned cylinder and sound comb with thirty-five teeth and is activated every hour or as desired. Gilded watch movement has cylindrical escapement and simple three-spoke flat spring balance. The strike and the repeating are performed by beating of hammers upon gongs. Hands adjustment, watch and musical movement springs winding are key operated. The case covered with black glassy enamel with fabric pillow inside, is in the set.