Pocket Watches

Mechanical "onion" pocket watch with a quarter repeater

    Mechanical "onion" pocket watch with a quarter repeater

    Great Britain, London

    circa 1800

    Markwick, Markham & Perigal

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys, diamonds; enamel over engraving, painted enamel, engraving, punching

    4.2 х1.4 cm

    On the movement in oval: "Markwick Markham Perigal LONDON 23022".
    On the case: "IM 23022"


    Mechanical “onion” pocket watch in gold case, with a repeater lever in the shape of a hub with a ring, decorated with enamel and diamonds' inserts. An artistic depiction of a floral bouquet on the case in the ornate medallion emphasized with white and translucent red enamel. It is edged with an engraved sash of floral ornament filled with multi-coloured enamel and consisting of lush leafy scrollwork with flower tips, amplified with medallions of pluripetalous rosettes and music attributes (mandolin and horns).

    The gold dial is adorned with a floral pattern at the centre. Numbers and graduations on the hours' scale are black, the hands are from gold. Two scales are on the dial: minutes' - divided with dots into 60 graduations, and hours' - divided into 12 graduations with the Turkish-Osmanli typeface numerals. The bezel is edged with an engraved floral pattern sash on the bright green enamel background.

    The movement with a balance wheel, verge escapement, two winding barrels; a Petite Sonnerie hour and quarter chimes with two hammers on a bell, a chimes stopper, and a quarter repeater. The watch is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.

    The winding key’s finial is adorned with onyx inserts.


    Intended for the market of the Ottoman Empire