Pocket Watches

Musical pocket watch with quarter strike and repeater

    Musical pocket watch with quarter strike and repeater

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1820

    Auguste Meylan

    Gold, steel, brass, glass, enamel; casting, polishing, gilding, engraving, guilloche, mechanical work

    Diameter 5.2 cm

    On rear lid inner side: serial number “321”; Latin letters “AM” in rectangular frame. On cuvette: “Musique/Aiguilles”, “Musique/Silence”


    Mechanical pocket open face watch in gold round case with corrugated rim and guilloched rear lid. Gold dial with narrow enamel limb with minutes’ divisions. Black Arabic numerals for hours’ designation are on white enamel circles, located between the engraved acanthus leaves on the engraved circular dial. The dial central part is covered with mesh guilloche. Hour and minute hands are central, straight and blue-finished with The Breguet apples. Convex glass with corrugated bezel is hinge together with the dial, giving access to musical movement with twenty-nine steel tuned lamellas and disc with pins on both sides. The music sounds every hour or as desired. Smooth oval pendant ring is hinged to circular repeater rod button. Slide-type levers of switching off striking and activating music sounding are on the rim near one and six o’clock marks. Serial number “321”, Latin letters “AP” are on the rear lid polished inner side. The image of arched hands – the rotation direction indicators and explanatory inscriptions are next to three key holes on cuvette. The lever for the musical movement activation with the inscription “Musique/Silence” protrudes from under the cuvette. The watch movement with cylindrical escapement and three-spoke balance with flat spring. Two hammers beat upon two bells to perform the strike and quarter repeating. The hands’ adjusting, the watch and musical movements winding is by the key.