Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock

    Musical mantel clock

    France, Paris

    Circa 1830

    Robert Henri

    Bronze, brass, wood, blued steel; casting, gilding, polishing, mechanical work

    On the clockwork : “Robert a Paris”, “56”, on the nameplate: “Changer”, “Jouer”


    The clock gilded bronze case with rectangular silver-plated socle on the complicated shape cast base with regular pattern on figured supports is mounted on oval mahogany stand on four chiselled supports with the slot for protective dome.

    The clockwork is in the case in the shape gilded bronze tree and rock, with the figure of gilded horse with the naked young man, tied on its back, leapfrogging over it.

    Round silvered dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ divisions, two blued steel hands, an apertures with the pin for winding the clock escapement and for the clock escapement regulation, with small seconds dial with a hand, in bezel with ivy leaves ornament. The engraved ornament is in the dial center.

    The musical movement with sound comb comprised of five teeth sections; spring motor, pinned cylinder for two tunes is mounted in the base. The cord with ball for winding the movement is to the right. Mother-of-pearl plate with levers to operate the musical movement with explanatory inscriptions “Changer”, “Jouer” is on the front side. The clockwork is pendulum, on silk suspension, with lever escapement, eight-day period winding, spring motor and mark “Robert a Paris”, “56”. The key is in the set.