Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking table clock

    Musical hour striking table clock

    Circa 1790

    George Prior (case), Thwaites & Reed (clockwork)

    Metal, wood, brass, glass, steel; casting, silvering, engraving, painting, mechanical work

    Height 72 cm

    On the dial: “GEORGE PRIOR”, “LONDON”, on small scales: “CHIME”, “NOT CHIME”, “SONG”, “MINUET”, “MARCH”, “AIR”, “DANCE”, “HORNPIPE”. On the front mounting plate: “THWAITES & REED”, “575”


    Musical clock in wooden case, with painting over white background, with cast gilded and openwork elements, on four double supports in the form of twisted leaves. The case lateral ribs are decorated with faceted crystal columns. Rotunda with six-columns and faceted glass arched dome that is crowned with golden color phial is mounted on the upper platform with balustrade and painted ornament. Folding handles and apertures with openwork lattices, closed with red silk from the inner side, are on the lateral sides. The cord for the musical movement random activation is on the right. The clock face with polychrome painted on blue background ornament is on the front side behind the glazed door with lock and key. Silvered clock dial with the Turkish numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ mars in five divisions, two ornately-shaped hands, three winding holes for winding the clockwork, striking, musical movement, and inscription ''GEORGE PRIOR/ LONDON”. The tunes changer and strike on/off switch with corresponding inscriptions are on small upper scales. The opening glazed door with lock and key is on the rear side. The mechanism rear mounting plate with engraved ornament, bell and pinned cylinder are visible behind the door. The clockwork is pendulum with verge escapement, three spring motors and fusees, with hour striking upon the big bell, engraved ornament and inscriptions on the front mounting plate: “THWAITES & REED”, “575”. Musical movement consists of Carillon comprised of twelve bells and mallets and pinned cylinder for six tunes. It turns on every hour, as well as random activated with cord. Winding key for clockwork, striking and musical movement.
    Two keys are in the set.

    Clocks with faceted glass decorative elements were made by the English watchmakers in limited quantities for export to the oriental markets.