Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel steam engine clock with barometer, thermometer and automaton

    Mantel steam engine clock with barometer, thermometer and automaton


    Circa 1890

    Marcks & Co. Ltd., Bombay & Poona

    Metal, marble, copper, brass, blued steel, glass; casting, patination, gilding, mechanical work

    Height 33 cm

    On the dial: “Marcks & Co. Ltd.”, “Bombay & Poona”, “MADE IN FRANCE, on the barometer scale: “ANEROID BAROMETER”, “STORMY”, “RAIN”, “CHANGE”, “FAIR”, “VERY DRY”, on the thermometer scale: “THERMOMETER”, “FREEZING”, “FAHRENHEIT”, “FAHRENHEIT”, on the nameplate: “C.H./DEPOSE”, on the key: “MADE IN ENGLAND”, “POPULAR”, “PROGRESS”


    Clock, barometer and thermometer are mounted on the black steam boiler lateral side of the steam engine model, on brass supports on metal base with red marble stand. The upper panel is decorated with rhombus-shaped pattern, typical of industrial premises. The clock dial with hours’ designation by Roman numerals, minute divisions, an aperture with the pin for winding the clock, two black hands with shamrocks, a lever for escapement regulation and inscriptions“Marcks & Co. Ltd.”, “Bombay & Poona”, “MADE IN FRANCE” is fixed behind the glazed door with latch on the left side. Aneroid barometer with circular bezel scale and a hand behind rimmed glass is on the right side. Thermometer with scale from 40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit every 10th division, connected to the steam boiler by copper duct with globe valve is between the clock and barometer.

    Brass platform with steam engine cylinder, crank mechanism, flywheel, centrifugal regulator and duct on the boiler. The steam boiler is connected to steam engine by curved tube with valve, brass plate with the inscription “C.H./DEPOSE”. Imitation of th pistol movement transmission by means of crank mechanism to the main shaft is reproduced when the automaton is activated. Centrifugal regulator is used to maintain constant shaft speed; it automatically changes the steam supply to the steam engine. The automaton winding pin is in under the detachable boiler cover on the right side. The clockwork has eight-day period winding, pendulum on platelike suspension and spring motor.

    Two keys are in the set.

    The clock belongs to the so-called industrial clocks class, which became widespread during the steam and electricity era.