Mantel and Table Clocks

Table quarters striking clock with automaton

    Table quarters striking clock with automaton


    Circa 1870

    Bronze, steel, brass, marble, blued steel, glass; casting, gilding, silvering, smooth finish

    Height 64 cm


    Musical clock in black marble case on ornately shaped base with profiled moulding on four gilded bronze spherical supports. Musical movement - Carillon is comprised of four bells made of blued steel on two racks is set on gilded bronze top panel, surrounded with chains on corner pillars, the figure of young magician with hammer in right movable right hand is behind it.
    Silver-plated brass clock dial in golden color bezel, with faceted glass is on the front side behind the door. Three apertures with decorative rosettes for winding the clock escapement, strike and musical movement, with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions and two figured hands are on the dial. Openwork gilded pattern is in the dial center. The door with gilded brass knob closes the case rear side. The clockwork is pendulum with eight days period winding, three spring motors, quarters chime of the magician upon the bells and an hour striking on the gong. The magician hand that holds the hammer moves vertically and horizontally during quarters chime.