Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical waterwheel table clock with automaton

    Musical waterwheel table clock with automaton


    The 1850s

    Cailly ainee (automaton); Borel (clock movement)

    Bronze, wood, steel, brass, glass; 42.5 x 26 x 13 cm

    On mounting plate: “2814”, on automaton movement: “Cailly ainé”, on engine covering: “1829”, “BOREL”


    Clock is mounted in the arch of a patinated bronze building. The surface of the building imitates stone masonry. It is crowned with the Gothic style tower with the cross, set on rectangular base with four gilded relief supports, on the cliff with the door and window. Chapel with bell on the roof is to the right, water mill with water wheel and flowing stream comprised of three glass tubes that are placed above silver-plated surface, is at the foot of the cliff. Architectural elements: windows, doors, moldings and railing the path on the rock are made from gilded bronze. Round gilded dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions, two blued hands and an aperture with the pin for winding the clock.
    The lever for switching on/off the automaton movement is on the base left side. When it is activated, water wheel rotates, stream of water flows, being reflected in the gilded door, aperture for the automaton winding is on the right side. The clockwork with pendulum on silk suspension. Eight days period winding, with lever escapement and spring motor. The clock is mounted on oval wooden stand with musical movement and two levers on the left side – for switching on/off and for changing tunes.
    Two keys are in the set.