Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical half hour striking mantel clock with cuckoo

    Musical half hour striking mantel clock with cuckoo


    Late 19th century

    Wood, brass, steel, glass; carving, parfling, enamel, mechanical work


    Musical clock in walnut root veneered wooden case veneered with marquetry, carved foliage pattern, carved onlays on the edges and carved eagle figure with outspread wings on the top. The case is mounted on profiled base on four protruding supports. Two chiselled phials and window with the door from which the cuckoo appears, are on the moulding. Ring dial with blue Ronan numerals for hours on ornately shaped white enamel inserts, two ivory hands and two apertures for winding the clockwork and the chime, is on the front side behind the glazed round door with button and polished bezel.

    Small doors with knobs are on the case lateral sides. Sliding panels with latches are on the base rear side. Musical movement is fixed inside the base, the cord for switching on/off the mechanism is to the left, and a winding hole with the pin is to the right.

    The musical movement consists of the sound comb, spring motor and pinned cylinder for six tunes. It is not connected with the clock and is activated by the cord. The clockwork is pendulum, with half an hour chime of a hummer on gong, two spring motors and the cuckoo automaton, activated every hour.