Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock

    Musical mantel clock

    France, Switzerland

    Circa 1840

    Ducommun Girod

    Bronze, steel, brass, wood, mirror; casting, gilding, polishing, mechanical work

    Height 54 cm, dial 8 cm

    On musical movement: “Ducommun-Girod”, “5240”, on mechanism: “1787”. On label: “Jouer”, “Répéter”


    Musical clock in the draped table shaped base, with mirror in figured frame on the tabletop, on rectangular base of gilded bronze with the surface imitating carpet with floral patterns and fringe, with gilded socle with onlay volumetric pattern on the polished surface and with ornamented edging that merges into supports. A figure of a seated woman in Spanish attire and mantilla with a miniature portrait in her left hand is to the right hand side, a musical instrument is on the left hand side.

    Round embossed dial with black Roman numerals for hours on repoussed background, with two black ornately shaped hands and two apertures with pins for winding the clock and chime is on the case front panel.

    The clock movement is pendulum, with lever escapement and two spring motors. The clock is mounted on oval wooden rosewood veneered stand on chiselled feet. The musical movement is inside. It consists of a spring motor, sound comb and pinned cylinder for four tunes, with the inscriptions: “Ducommun-Girod”, “5240”.

    Winding aperture with the pin and three levers: on/off, random switching-on and tune play back are on the brass plate with explanatory inscriptions are on the case right side.

    Winding key is in the set.