Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking table regulator with automaton

    Musical hour striking table regulator with automaton

    Great Britain, London

    Circa 1790

    Robert Sampson

    Steel, brass, bronze, glass; casting, gilding, silvering, mechanical work

    Height 82 cm

    On the dial: “Rob.T Sampson/LONDON”, “CHIME/SILENT”


    Table clock in wooden case, finished with black glossy varnish, on low socle, with folding carrying handles and automation on the arched roof. The case is mounted on four gilded cast acanthus shaped leaves feet. Cast onlays featuring military trophies are on the base lateral sides. Façade is closed with the arched door with round glazed window for the dial and three ornately shaped acoustic windows around it. The windows are closed with engraved openwork lattices with foliage patterns and are covered with green fabric from the inner side. Acoustic windows decorated with cast lattices with the image of the Sun in the center, surrounded by rays, foliage elements and musical trophies, are on the lateral sides as well.

    Six white enamel ring dials are on circular chased dial surface. External bezel with the central straight hand is a time-interval recorder; the dots indicate seconds’ divisions, Arabic numerals indicate five seconds’ intervals. Three central dials with Roman numerals to designate hours, Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation and the Lunar calendar ring are inside the bezel. One small ring is a chime/silent selector; the other is for tune switching.

    A sector with the maker's name on enamel background is on the clock face top part. Rotunda with five gilded columns supporting the black roof dome, with steel gong inside, is mounted on the top arched side of the clock case on square podium. Five small gilded urns with torches surround the dome. The large one crowns the dome. A man’s figure in dressing gown and turban, with the hammer in his right hand to hit the gong, is inside the rotunda. Four female figurines in Oriental drapery surround the rotunda.

    The clockwork with verge pendulum escapement, an hour strike and chime.

    Musical movement with pinned cylinder and six bells is activated at the beginning of every third hour and plays one of six tunes. Music can be turned on as desired by pulling the cord at the bottom of the base.

    Winding key is in the set.