Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical Grande Sonnerie striking mantel clock

    Musical Grande Sonnerie striking mantel clock

    The second quarter of the 19th century

    F. Rzebitschek Musikwerk Fabrik in Prague

    Wood, metal, glass, alabaster; enamel, casting, gilding, carpentry and mechanical work

    Height 63.5 cm


    Clock in the stepped wooden case, finished with black and dark brown varnish. An oval window is on the high socle front that is surrounded by thin gilded rim with an eagle spreading its wings atop and grape bunches on the sides. Swinging pendulum is visible through the window. Gilded griffins’ figures sit on pedestals near the base lateral sides, round alabaster rosettes with gilded eight-pointed stars, surrounded by flower garlands and ribbons, are beneath those pedestals. Round white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals for hours, minute divisions and straight blued hands with the rings is on façade. Three keyholes are in the clock face center.  Openwork gilded onlays are above faceted bezel. The stylized columns with lyres atop are nearby. Gilded figure of the eagle sitting on a sphere and two gilded vases in the corners are on the roof with stepped cornice. The clock stands on six round alabaster feet. The clockwork with three spring motors, quarter and an hour striking on two gongs.