Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock "Robinson Crusoe"

    Musical mantel clock "Robinson Crusoe"

    France, Paris


    Leroy (clock), P.H. Paur (musical movement)

    Bronze, wood, steel, brass, blued steel, mother-of-pearl; casting, gilding, mechanical work, polish finishing

    31 x 25 x 15 cm

    On musical movement : “PH PAUR”, “1842”, on clockwork : “LEROY A Paris”, “488”, on the nameplate: “Changer”, “Jouer”


    Clock made of gilded bronze, on rectangular gilded smooth finished base with onlay foliage patterns on four cast feet. It is mounted on light-brown oval wooden stand on four cast supports with the slot for protective dome. The clockwork is in the case in the shape of a pile of stones of greenish-gray color. Silvered dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes divisions, two blued steel hands and an aperture with pin for the clock escapement regulation.

    Bezel with regular pattern and ribby frame. The figure of Robinson Crusoe in goatskin with scabbard and flintlock pistols on the waist, a gun on the shoulder and an umbrella in the right hand is on the right; palm tree with a parrot is on the left.

    Musical movement with sound comb, spring motor, pinned cylinder for two tunes and subscriptions “PH PAUR”, “1842” is mounted in the stand. The cord for winding is on the right. Mother-of-pearl plate with the levers for controlling the musical movement and explanatory inscriptions “Changer”, “Jouer” is on the front side. The clockwork is pendulum, on silk suspension, with lever escapement, 24-hours period winding, spring motor, fusee and the inscription “LEROY A Paris”, “488”.
    The key is in the set.