Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock "Homer"

    Musical mantel clock "Homer"


    Circa 1820

    Brass, bronze, steel, glass; casting, gilding, engraving, mechanical work

    45 x 22.5 x 12.5 cm


    Musical clock is mounted in cast gilded bronze arched case, with embossed ornament in the form of palmettas, pearl-shaped beads belts, flowers and leaves, with the polished surface, eminential plinth with regular pattern on four supports. Embossed image of Homer leaning on a boy’s shoulder in the frame with regular ornament is on the front panel.

    The image of a child supporting a wiseacre symbolizes the continuity of life and knowledge transmission is reproducing the image from the engraving by Raphael-Urbain Massard, presented at the Paris Salon of 1817, and taken from the "L'Homere" by Baron Francois Gerard Francois Gerard (1770-1837).

    Gilded clock dial with guilloche center, Roman numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ divisions, two winding holes for winding the clockwork and striking, with two black hands and embossed ornament on the bezel, is on the arch. Musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder for four tunes and spring motor is in the socle. An aperture with pin is on the right side, a cord with ball for activating the movement on is on the left side. Round glazed door is on the case rear side. The clockwork is visible behind the door. The clockwork is pendulum, on silk support, with an hour striking of the  hummer upon bell, with numeration on the notch wheel, lever escapement and two spring motors.