Mantel and Table Clocks

Table clock "Wallace Fountain"

    Table clock "Wallace Fountain"


    The 1870s

    Steel, brass, bronze, marble; casting, gilding, silvering, mechanical work

    Height 61.5 cm


    Clock in the form of a scale model of a Wallace fountain in metal gilded case mounted on the stepped octagonal base. The lower part of the base is wooden and finished with black varnish. Insert with chiseled letters “BR” is on the front side. The upper part of the base is of black marble and polished to the mirror finish. The model base is metal plate that repeats the socle form. The clock case with decorative cast buttresses in the form of volutes expanding downward with gold and silver plating is mounted on it. Rectangular inserts with chiseled images of fancy fish entwining tridents decorate the lateral sides. Clock dial and barometer-aneroid, covered with round facet glass are in sequence fixed on the case facade. Roman numerals for hours, minutes’ divisions and two central blued hands are on silver-plated ring dial. Aperture with square rod for the winding key is near 6 o'clock mark, lever for clockwork adjustment and letters "A" and "R" are above the 12 o'clock mark. Graduations, Arabic numerals for atmospheric pressure in millimetres of mercury and inscriptions in French are on the ring barometer scale. The central barometer pointer is blued with counterweight. Golden pointer with corrugated grip is in the glass center. Four Caryatids holding the roof scaly dome with four flanges and gilded figures of fancy dolphins are on the case upper side. The broach spire rests on their tails. The twisted glass stem imitating rotating water stream descends from the top of the dome, down into the round sink. Two keys are in the set.