Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock

    Musical mantel clock


    Circa 1815

    Steel, brass, bronze, glass, enamel; gilding, engraving, polishing, mechanical work

    Height 52.5 cm


    The musical clock is mounted in cast case on the socle with the concave chiseled plinth with rectangular gilded bronze base, on four supports with the pattern in the form of scrolls of beads on the corrugated surface, with figured  bulbous-shaped dome topped with antique vase with two handles and lid. Chiseled image of lyre surrounded by branches, leaves, flowers, laurel branches and ribbons in wide framing with embossed foliage ornament is on the front panel. White enamel dial with hours' graduation by Arabic  numerals,  and minutes' - in 15 divisions, with two winding holes for winding the clock and the clock strike, two black hands is above.  Aperture for adjusting the clockwork is on the bezel with chiseled ornament. The musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder and spring motor is mounted in the socle with the ornament in the form of medallions, palmettas, curls, flowers, leaves and ivy branches.  The patterns with the image crescent are on the socle lateral sides, a winding hole with pin is on the right lateral side. Openwork onlay patterns with wands with pine cones, palmettas, garlands, cornucopia, ribbons and laurel wreaths are on the polished lateral sides. Round door with faceted glass through which the clock movement is visible is on the rear side. The clock mechanism is pendulum, on silk suspension, hour strike of hammer on bell, with  the counter on notch wheel, lever escapement and two spring motors. The clock was  manufactured for the Turkish market. The key is in the set.