Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock

    Musical mantel clock

    France, Paris

    Circa 1770

    Bronze, steel, brass, enamel, fabric, glass; casting, gilding, mechanical work, cutting

    Height 45 cm; dial 10.5 cm

    On the dial: “Dautel A Paris”


    Musical clock in cylindrical case with cast ornament of gilded bronze in the form laurel branches, with the bird sitting on the bush. The clock is mounted on rectangular cross-section column with gilded bronze edges and openwork facets, on the base with chiseled patterns on the plinth and on the stand with four animal paw-shaped supports. Composition of military armor with scaly surface is on the upper panel left side, the figurine of the  Roman warrior leaning on the pedestal with hafted axe and burning torch - on the right. White enamel clock face with hours' designation by the Roman  numerals,  minutes' in five divisions - by Arabic numerals, with two ornately shaped hands, two apertures for winding the clock and strike, the hole for adjusting the hands and inscription “Dautel A Paris”  are closed by glazed lid with button. The rear side of the clock is closed with faceted glass door with button. Openwork panel in chiseled frame, with onlay  gilded ornament in the form of musical trophies, the bow and laurel branches are on the stand front side. Lateral and rear sides are closed with  openwork lattices with blue fabric from the inner side, with Bucranium on the ribs. The rear hinged door gives access to the musical movement - carillon with twenty hammers, eleven bells, fusee and a pinned cylinder. Aperture with the  pin for winding the spring is to the right. The musical movement plays one of six tunes every hour. The clockwork with pendulum on silk suspension,  verge escapement, two spring motors,  hour strike on the bell with the scale on the notch wheel.
    The winding key is in the set.