Mantel and Table Clocks

Portico mantel clock with musical movement clock with musical movement

    Portico mantel clock with musical movement clock with musical movement


    Circa 1900

    Brass, glass, ivory, steel ivory; carving, mechanical work, polishing

    Height 29 cm

    On the dial: “BAVARIA”


    Portico clock  in cylindrical case, with massive polished bezel mounted on rectangular ivory base, on four chiselled supports, between tetrahedral columns with attached consoles and hemispherical entablature. Glazed  white enamel dial with hours' designation by Arabic numerals, minutes' divisions, two steel hands and luminescent material and the inscription “BAVARIA”.                                                                                                                                                        Rod for winding the clockwork with the crank, crown for setting the hands and lever for adjusting the clock with the letters “A” and “R” are on the case rear panel. Figurine of the Cupid sitting on the grass with bird is fixed in the hemispherical entablature. Pyramidal elements on cubic supports are on the both sides, carved ornament is on the frieze. Sculptural figurine of the sitting putti  with a bunch of grapes in his hands and geometric ornament along the perimeter are on the base top panel. Independent musical movement with sound comb, spring motor and pinned cylinder is mounted inside the base. The clock movement with balance escapement, 24-hour winding reserve, spring motor and pinned cylinder. The rod for winding is on the bottom side, the crown with the musical movement on/off lever is on the front panel. The key for winding the musical movement is in the set.