Mantel and Table Clocks

Skeleton quarters striking table clock

    Skeleton quarters striking table clock

    Great Britain

    Second half of the 19th century

    Steel, brass, marble, wood; mechanical work, silvering, blue-finishing

    Height 47 cm



    Skeleton clock in cast openwork case on light gray marble rectangular base, on four round feet is mounted on oval wooden stand with an aperture for the dome, red cord and light grey marble top panel on four golden colour supports. The frame comprised of two sections is connected by horizontal rods on the slotted screws. Chime mechanism - carillon with eight bells, eight hammers and pinned cylinder, ring indicators of switching chime "CHIME/ SILENT" and chime mode - “WESTMINSTER CHIME / WHITTINGTON CHIME ”with the hands, are above the dial.  Ring slotted silver-plated dial with hours' designation by Roman numerals on the shields-cartouches, minutes' divisions, two blued hands and three pins for winding of the clock, its strike and chime. The clockwork is pendulum, with lever escapement, 24-hours winding reserve, three spring motors, three fusees, an hour strike on  gong mounted on free-standing rack and quarter chime on carillon. The key is in the set.